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Flood water extraction

Flood water extraction 

We offer a flood water extraction service too. Be it from natural causes like heavy rains or a burst geyser or pipe. 

We have the equipment to quickly extract the water from your floors and furniture to minimize the damage that may be caused by excess water. 

When you have an episode that would require water extraction it is highly recommended to get done ASAP. Leaving your goods in a wet or damp condition will cause the items to develop bacteria's that are bad for your health, never mind the smell that will come. 

Non visible water is another thing to be aware of. Just mopping up the water will still leave quite a fair volume of water in the pile of the carpet or couch fabrics. You will need to have that non visible excess extracted by a specialist piece of equipment that we use, that will get the items into an acceptable condition as far as air drying is concerned and eliminate the risk of smells and mould  

Our Prices
Minimum charge R450.00

Water extraction carpets

R15.00 per m2

Water extraction couches
R85.00 per seat

Water extraction cushions

R15.00 each

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