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Loose rug and mat cleaning

From a simple small rug to delicate Persian and Oriental rugs, we can bring new life into your soiled and stained rugs. 

We are experienced at all types of rugs and know the best methods for each type. For carpet type rugs we use our normal four stage carpet cleaning process and for the more delicate and exotic type rugs we use techniques that will not damage your rugs. Carpet type rugs can be done at your house but the exotic rugs, because of the methods used, will need to be done at our premises. Exotic rug cleaning uses a lot of water in the washing and rinsing so it is best to not try do it on your premises. 

General rug cleaning

General rug cleaning, as mentioned, follows our standard four stage carpet cleaning method. This involves the following steps. 1. High powered vacuum to extract excess dust and dirt. 2. Pretreat the whole area paying special attention to the highly soiled or stained areas. 3. Scrubbing the rug with a rotating carpet brush machine to loosen any deeper set dirt that would have been agitated by the pretreatment. 4. Hot water extraction to pull all the dirt from the rug for a deep and hygienic clean.

Persian and oriental rug cleaning 

Unlike carpet style rugs, exotic rugs are cleaned in a different way. With wall to wall carpets we try and extract the water almost immediately after spraying the surface. With exotic carpets types we literally wash the rug to get the best results. The steps we use when cleaning Persian rugs, or any exotic rugs for that matter is as follows. 1. High powered vacuum to remove the loose dust and dirt. 2. Carpet dusting. This is a process where we "beat" the carpet to loosen dust and dirt that is embedded in the pile and backing. 3. The rug is the thoroughly soaked and shampooed with a carpet scrubbing machine. 4. The rug is then rinsed on both side to remove any traces of dirt and cleaning solution. 5. Water extraction with a double motor wet vac and the hung to dry. 

Because of the extended process, exotic rugs take a lot longer to get clean, so we do remove them and return then a day or two later once they are clean and dry.


Our prices

Minimum charge R450.00

We have two options for rug cleaning. A standard clean at your location which is the same as our normal carpet cleaning service. Our second rate is if we collect the rug from you and do a deep clean as per the steps above. We regret that we cannot do a deep clean at your premises due to the nature of the process. 

Standard clean on site

R40.00 per m2

Deep clean at our premises

R80.00 per m2

Before and after

rug after.jpg

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